Birthday Projects Birthday Projects
Biennial painting & installation art pieces in London and São Paulo. 2007, 2009, 2011, 2013, 2015, 2017
Swimming and Other Things Swimming & Other Things
Three years of studio based painting review. London, England 2015
Girl’s Gotta Do Girl’s Gotta Do
Temporary painting: a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. Southwark park, London, England 2013
Dusk Dusk
Painting and installation artwork and events. Abney Park Chapel, London, England 2012
Punchbag - choir Rave Goats
Ibizan goats installation and a fluoro stone circle. Bloop art festival, San Antonio, Ibiza 2012
Luna Beauty Luna Beauty
Painting, installation art, and photography collaboration. Trinity Buoy Wharf, London, England 2010
colourbridge The Colour Bridge
Dancing with paint: bullied and bullying children collaborated. Oxford, England 2009
Project e90293 Project #e90293
Art project across Middle Eastern borders, final installation in Jordan, 2009
the wheelhouse The Wheelhouse
The restoration of a wrecked boat's wheelhouse to a studio. River Thames, London, England 2009
jessblack Ode to Lust
Performance art, drawings, happenings and artist's books. London, Brighton and Margate, England 2008
Q2colouredsheep1 Q:2
Live painting of a cliff with firemen, and sheep with a farmer, on reclaimed land. Betchworth, England 2006
Oxted Quarry Project
Live art painting of a quarry and tour of the living museum. Oxted, England 2005
City Spaces City Spaces
Public space interventions, mainly at Marble Arch, London. Chelsea MA show, Kings Road, 2004
Writing Piece - London Writing Piece
3 days and 2 nights, live art installations. Tokyo, Japan 2002, Sydney, Australia 2003, London, England 2004
Red Stick Oz Stick Piece
Anchoring points in time and space. Linked works in Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Art, Japan 2000-2003
sea piece Early Work
Installations, painting and artist's books. Ireland, Belgium, Wales, Cornwall, Japan, 2000-2001