birthday projects

Three by Three: Freestanding book made with recycled paper and vegetable dye formed a collection of postcards, representing temporary projects with photography and text. Westminster Reference Library hosted the first of three launches and added the biodegradable book to their archive. London, UK 2017
The Red Shoes: Painting installation and performance. London, UK 2015

Red Line was made on the centre of Minhocão, São Paulo, Brazil, 2013

A dusty red line is blowing on the breeze,
Tears stain red on faces with lives stolen away,
Red dust makes it hard to breathe.

Project 33: 33 helium balloons were walked from New Cross Gate to the foot of the River Thames. Greenwich Foot Tunnel, London, 2011
Paradise: Cold Blow Lane tunnel enjoyed golden glitter and fresh pink flowers. New Cross, London, 2009
PMA: Marble Arch tunnel was carpeted with pink powder paint, which made it’s way to Speakers Corner, Hyde Park, London 2007