Art info

This art practice is based in painting, but crosses over with sculpture, live art, photography and writing. Through these primarily visual tools subjects are explored, questions asked, and stories shared.

Photographic images from installations and events, function in a similar way to postcards or family photographs; snapshots log and share that which would otherwise exist only through lived experience. This was the intention of some early work as an end in itself – the making of artworks created anchors to moments in time and space. Later pieces relate more directly to the sociopolitical context that they take place in or are motivated by. Long term work with marginalised groups, and urban-rural fringe environments, has influenced psychological, social, and environmental considerations within projects, installation art and painting.

Documentation of artworks form a legacy, for exhibition and archival purposes as well as publication. Photographs are from live art and physical creations, the artwork is not made digitally.


Many works spanned years. Listed are dates that indicate a key event or completion (and some of the people who helped / were involved).

2017 Three by Three, events, archiving systems and a book-sculpture using mainly photography and text. UK (Westminster Reference Library – launch:1 site and archive, Tom Richards – launch:1 music, Tagsmart – digital log)

Polaris, painting seven years, London, UK (G.Boyd, S.Dyer, M.Hafeda, N.Lidor, C.Ogilvie, O.Remes, R.Voilette – peer critique)

2016 A Brief Hiatus, event, London, UK (Yi-Studio, Briffa, Artists Union England – support, Hammerhead Rabbits – website since 2007) 

2015  The Red Shoes, performance / installation using painting, video and sound. Peckham Platform, London, UK (Amber Comerford – contribution to video footage)

NEW, group show with Syrian artists Rabee Kiwan, and Omar Ibrahim (painting) UK artist Lee Simmons (painting and curation), and Swedish artists Ola Ståhl and Terje Östling (photography and text collaboration). No Format Gallery, Woolwich, London, UK

Swimming & Other Things, review of Three Years Paintings, studio based works from 2011 to 2014. Solo show. No Format Gallery, London, UK (Emily Zaraa and Raast – live music; Fine House Studio – photographs of paintings; Milo – painting selection and installation; Sophie Hope, Barry Sykes and Mohamad Hafeda – evaluative discussion / review)

2013 Red Line, live art event & public space intervention. Minhocão, São Paulo, Brazil (Larissa Alves, Roberta Segura and Sachais Couto – production support; Lucas Bambozzi and Lucas Gervilla – video footage)

The Birthday Projects Party & Exhibition, social event, paintings, photography, and installation art to communicate biennial art events that take place around December 20th.  Solo show. Vibe Gallery & Bar, Bermondsey, London, UK (Katie – balloons; Gavin Smith – installation; Simona Koch – photographing paintings; Jon Fisher – event images; Well Hung – prints; Robin Allison, Tom Richards, Nadine Martin – DJ sets, Sophie Hope – evaluative discussion / review)

Girl’s Gotta Do, painting / photography piece. Southwark Park, London, UK (Simona Koch – photography)

2012 Dusk, an 8-foot high heart of broken roof slate and dust stood at the centre of a derelict non denominational chapel in an inner city cemetery. The sculptural installation came to life at dusk, hosting the film: “We broke up in the graveyard, drinking pink lemonade.” Abney Park, Stoke Newington, London, UK (Simona Koch – photography, Gavin Smith, Abney Park staff / volunteers, Chihiro Onedera – technical support)

Rave Goats, live art installation of 12 Ibizan goats and a stone circle (flouro) for ‘Bloop’ street art festival. San Antonio, Ibiza (Biokip – sound piece, Chihiro Onedera – project support)

2011 Project 33, helium balloons in the Greenwich Foot Tunnel, beneath and at the center of the River Thames. Created with two friends, whom helped walk the balloons to the Greenwich Meridean, create the installation, and photoshoot. Greenwich, South London, UK (With Tom Richards and Robin Allison)

2010 Punchbag, public interventions using artists books, a choir, projections and installations were made in varied town and city spaces around Basingstoke and Southampton. This followed a series of workshops with women in safe-houses, and with girls who were recovering from abusive relationships. Initiated by Proteus Theater Company. Hampshire, UK (Kefi Chadwick – writer)

Luna Beauty, work with a fashion team was exhibited at Trinity Buoy Wharf, adjacent to the project site on the Thames beach. Supported by Brody & Middleton and Reprocity. Tower Hamlets, London, UK (Laura Hart – photography, Jim and Dan – live music, Becky McGaren and Richard Cripps – production)

2009 Urban Paradise, a carpet of fresh pink flowers and gold glitter in a South London tunnel, New Cross Gate, London, UK

The Wheelhouse, the restoration of the Wheelhouse from a wreck, and transformation into a usable, transportable creative space. Exhibitions include ‘Lives of Buildings’ and ‘Riverside Regatta and Arts Festival’ and various space around Container City. Final resting place: Trinity Buoy Wharf with Urban Space Management, London, UK (Richard Cripps, John Burton, Tony’s carpentry, Natasha Alpe, and Luke Dickens – project input)

Colour Bridge, a dance with paint designed and created with bullying and bullied children, took place on the previously out of bounds school playground. Everybody danced. Creative Partnerships, Wheatley Park School, Oxford, UK (Wheatley Park – video)

Project #e90293, text, photography and installation in varied spaces form a trigger for discussion and a means of expression and documentation of activity online and in the middle east, installation in Petra, Jordan

2008 The Impossible Collaboration, performance with dancers, a band and an architect. Sanford Cooperative, London, UK (Natasha Alpe, Sarah Poffa, and Elise Briccoli- dancers, Elvira – video, Libero – sound piece, Steve Ryan, Nuno Britto, Dave Bones – live music, Christos Choraitis – architect)

An Ode to Lust, installation, event and exhibitions. 16mm, 19 D’Arblay Street, Soho, London, UK (Larissa Alves – video and production)

“I” Piece, three social sculptures / happenings organised in partnership with and funded by Fabrica and BHASVIC in Brighton, Turner Contemporary and Thanet Coastal Project in Kent and Sanford Housing Cooperative in London, UK (Jason Brooks – video)

2007 Q:2 exhibition, solo show. gallery:space, Finsbury Park, London, UK (Shiri Shalmy – curator)

Painting the Park, event and intervention. Peace Play Area, Finsbury Park, London, UK (Shiri Shalmy – curator)

2006 Pink Marble Arch (PMA), subway to Speakers Corner, colour installation. Hyde Park / Marble Arch, London, UK 

The Quarry Project, touring exhibition, spaces included Betchworth Quarry, Lockwood Day Centre, South Hill Park Art Centre, Guildford Council Offices, Dorking Library, Surrey, UK

Q:2 event, an intervention and durational event to paint a white cliff with a pink stripe, and 42 sheep grazing in front of the cliff red, blue, and yellow. Partners and sponsors included local firemen, a farmer, Arts Council England South East and Surrey County Council, Betchworth, Surrey, UK (Steven Furse, Pete Ockenden – project support, Kevin Bidderman – video, Emma Brown – photography, Ola Stahl – text)

2005 3 Days 2 nights, solo show. Reception Space, Cremer Street, Hoxten, London, UK (Alisa Moore – production support, Mary Branson – evaluative discussion / review, ACAVA – site, Selvi – video)

Oxted Quarry Project, event, exhibition and artist’s books, documenting and colouring a historic quarry, using video, paint, water pistols and water bombs. Supported by ‘Un’limited artists group, Lockwood Day Center, Awards for All and Surrey County Council. Oxted Quarry, Surrey, UK (Kevin Bidderman – video, Emma Brown – photography, Mary Branson, Julia Dudkietwitz – project support / consultation, Roy Sharrad – tour, Nick Writing – research support)

2004 Sound Booth, stories from the site gathered through a series of walks were played in a photo booth Marble Arch, London, UK (Mark Hollow – sound)

2004 City Spaces,  visual interventions were made in and around Marble Arch, Canary Wharf, and Waterloo stations. Public art proposals were developed and exhibited. Chelsea College of Art & Design, Masters Show, Kings Road, London, UK

2003 Environmental Art Award, Tap Gallery, Sydney, Australia

Red Stick Piece, photographs events and interventions. Varied locations in Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand and America

2002 3 Days 2 Nights, solo show: 3 day and 2 night event/performance inside the gallery and writing intervention on the gallery exterior. Design Festa Gallery, Harajuku, Japan

International Artists no. 17. (‘Blueprint’ and ‘Freeing Rainbows’ books & paintings) UNESCO group show, Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Art, Ueno, Japan (Hisane Suzuki – graphic design and book binding)

Freeing Rainbows, solo show. Immigrant CafÈ, Aoyama, Tokyo, Japan

2001 Blue Stick Piece, photographs, events, and interventions. Varied locations in England, Holland, Belgium, France, and Wales

Sea Piece, live art event to colour the sea using food dye. Supported by the NHS DART Service, Carlton television and Food Finders. Bantham Beach, Devon, UK (Oscar and Enterprise Tamar – video)


2017 Three by Three, artists book (Westminster Reference Library, BookArtBookshop) by L.A.Simmons painting studio

2015 (Social art / outreach related articles)  

2012 Green Places (Dusk) Abney Park Trust

2010 Ixia (Commissioning within a community) (author Lee Simmons)

2009 Public Art Online (Collaboration and Sustainability) (author Lee Simmons)

2007 a-n (Peripatetic Practices) (author Lee Simmons)

Arts Council England South East Publication (Quarry Project)

Public Art Online (Quarry 2) (author Hazel Colquhoun)

Book commissions (Garden Journeys) for Surrey History Centre, Surrey County Arts and The Surrey Institute, by Lee Simmons

2006 Public Art Review (Q:2)

Green Places Journal (Viewfinder)

Landscape Review (Lambs)

Surrey Wildlife Review (Q:2)

2005 Nalgao Magazine (Quarry Project)

Lockwood Service, book commissions (Oxted Quarry Project books x2, scrolls x9) by Lee Simmons

2003 Tap Gallery, Sydney, Environmental Art Award, (Freeing Rainbows), artists book, with designer Hisane Suzuki by Lee Simmons


Qualifications include a Bachelor of Arts degree from John Moore’s University (fine art), and Master of Arts degrees from Chelsea College of Art and Design (environment / public realm) and Goldsmiths University of London (psychological / social), UK.