Early Work

Early works were strung together to form a narrative, illustrated in ‘Freeing Rainbows’, artists book. Included were:

Circle of Raindrops, glass droplets hung in a circle in Ireland. They were then displaced and hung in a shed in England (Cornwall), with a projection of the original environment.

Timeless Cushions, were made at the center of a spaghetti junction in Berchem, Belgium, as a place to relax and think. They were then transported to France in a bespoke case, which was made from cardboard and decorated with images of boxers.

Blue Stick Piece: planting and painting sticks to anchor moments in time and space. Holland to Cornwall via France and Wales

Sea Piece, an event using food dye with a team from Plymouth Primary Care trust on the Devonshire coastline.

Dreamscape installation of letters from England, Chiba, Japan

Blueprint book sculpture, was made in tandem with ‘Dreamspace’, an installation of letters and before ‘Freeing Rainbows’ artist’s book.