ode to lust

A collaboration with Larissa Alves at 16mm in Soho, helped set up a long term, supported project space. Adjacent to Alves screenings an installation creating visual narratives on the walls and in artist books ran for three weeks. Within the books images from graphic novel influenced performances and events were utilised. These included Cliff Jump and the Impossible Collaboration.

& “I” piece
3 social sculptures/happenings took place on 3 consecutive days with groups in London (Sanford Housing Cooperative outdoor space), Kent (Turner Contemporary, public gallery and beach in Margate) and Sussex (Fabrica – a church used as an exhibition space run by artists, Brighton). This was linked to a placement I undertook at BHASVIC school, Brighton with the exhibition ‘Every Contact Leaves a Trace’ at Fabrica

In each place we undertook activities speaking using only the word “I”. This was filmed and edited by Jason Brooks, whom also provided the still images. www.vimeo.com/1004325

brighton i 2 Jason Brooks photo brighton i 3 Jason Brooks photo brighton i 4 Jason Brooks photo brighton i 5 Jason Brooks photo margate i 1 Jason Brooks photo margate i 3 Jason Brooks photo